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Minister Suharso Attends DPR Plenary Meeting

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Tuesday, July 06, 2021

StarindoNews.Com, Jakarta - Minister of National Development Planning / Head of the National Development Planning Agency Suharso Monoarfa attends DPR Plenary Meeting, which held virtually, Tuesday, July 6, 2021.

This meeting is the submission of DPR RI Budget Agency report on the results of the preliminary discussion of the 2022 RAPBN and the 2022 Government Work Plan submitted by the Deputy Chair of the RI Budget Agency, H. Muhidin Mohamad Said.

In general, 2022 RKP Working Committee and the 2022 RAPBN Budget Priorities have discussed and agreed on the themes, targets, policy directions, and strategies for the 2022 RKP development, as well as the targets for each priority, with some notes on the results of the discussion.

In National Program 1, namely strengthening economic resilience for quality and equitable growth, the notes given include, first, the government needs to prioritize important sectors that has a great contribution to economy. Especially food sector which is people’s livelihood. In improving food security, development of the agricultural and marine sectors needs attention, especially regarding the presence of fertilizers and fish feed which have become scarce since the onset of Covid-19, as well as encouraging the development of millennial farmers.

Second, government needs to sharpen the development of the MSME sector which is more comprehensive, starting from upstream to downstream, especially from capital aspect, encouraging integration of MSMEs with the national industrial supply chain, and improving the quality of human resources for MSME actors to be creative, and have an entrepreneurial mentality.

Third, government needs to pay more attention to the three main pillars of natural tourism, arts and culture, and spiritual (religion) so that national tourism has international standards and can compete with other countries. Among the three pillars, development of cultural arts-based tourism needs attention so that it can become an economic commodity with high added value.

Fourth, RKP and Budget Priorities for 2022 must be in line with Fiscal Policy which pays more attention to macroeconomic and fiscal conditions due to the impact of Covid-19.

Fifth, every priority program designed in the RKP and budget priorities for 2022 should have a multiplier for poverty and unemployment alleviation programs and reduce inequality. Poverty alleviation efforts need to focus on improving self-quality to change the mindset of poor individuals, so that they are willing and able to empower themselves to improve their economy.

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